Ways to Serve

Youth Leaders: We encourage you to print this list of suggested ways to serve and give them to your teens.


It delights G-d to see us serving others.  We can see this in the Torah when in Lev. 19, while G-d is giving a really great list of things not to do, He slips in something really great we should do in verse 18, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Yeshua repeats this command in Mark 12, listing it as the 2nd most important commandment.  And what better way to love your neighbor as you love yourself than to serve them?  The question is “who is my neighbor”?  I’d like to suggest that we can look at any fellow human being as our neighbor.  So let’s start severing other people we come in contact with!  How you ask?  Here is a list of some great ideas you might want to consider:

·        Send some note cards to elderly people in your congregations

·        Help clean up a local park

·        Go to a soup kitchen and help serve a meal

·        Help out in a junior congregation classroom

·        Visit sick people in the hospital

·        Slip notes of encouragement into your classmates lockers

·        Hang out with the kid not many people want to hang out with, and really get to know him/her

·        Send letters to soldiers, either USA or Israel

·        Help clean your synagogue

·        Raise money for a charity you care about


The list goes on and on!  The important thing to remember is that whenever we serve, we are doing it for G-d’s glory, not our own. 


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