HaDerekh Youth Summer Aliyah

The HaDerekh Youth Summer Aliyah is a one-week summer camp for Messianic Jewish teens “to go up” from their communities and come into fellowship with other Messianic Jewish believers; together we will grow in our relationship with G-d, be challenged in our Jewish identity and have amazing adventures in the wilderness of Indiana’s Pokagon State Park. This camping experience will be complete with cabins, a mess hall, a lake, Scripture studies, both traditional Jewish worship and singing, and… NO CELL PHONES…start preparing now!

DATES: July 26th – August 2nd, 2015

COST: $250 for registration includes food (strictly kosher!) , lodging, and activities

AGE: Camp is open to 5th graders thru 12th graders (including graduating seniors) 

TO REGISTER go to http://demjo.org/#/haderekh-youth/summer-aliyah and download the registration form today!!

QUESTIONS?? Feel free to email info@devaremet.org.

In addition to summer camp, HaDerekh Youth offers an Israel Aliyah program for Messianic Jewish young people (17-24 years old) looking to have a birthright experience heavy on discipleship and identity development. The trip is subsidized by private organizations and the UMJC K20 program, and runs each June for 24 days (over three weeks!). If you are interested in applying to be on the trip team, email shaul@devaremet.org.

HaDerekh Youth is the trademark for Devar Emet’s youth programming (an organization affliated with Devar Emet Messianic Synagogue in Skokie, IL). The program’s purpose is to outreach to teens in the Jewish community as well as to  provide spiritual mentoring for Messianic Jewish youth, in order to grow faith in Yeshua as Messiah and encourage Jewish identity. Currently, HaDerekh Youth sponsors three annual programs — the Summer Aliyah, Winter Aliyah, and Israel Aliyah.

The word HaDerekh, “The Way”, comes from John 14:6, where  Messiah Yeshua declares himself to be the only right path to a right relationship to G-d. We believe this to be Truth, and offer our programs as a means to  encourage this belief!

For more information on these and other HaDerekh program opportunities, go to http://demjo.org/#/haderekh-youth and like us on Facebook at “HaDerekh Youth Programs”.


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