About Us

Our vision is to inspire youth to develop a radical relationship with Yeshua, a vibrant Messianic Jewish identity, and meaningful connections with one another for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom of G-d.

Get to know the UMJC Youth Committee!

Elisa Rudolph – UMJCy Interim Head of Committee (Southeast)

Hi! I attend Tikvat Israel Messianic Congregation in Richmond, Virginia and just graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with an Urban Planning degree. I love eating good food, reading good books, and pretending to be a farmer. Excited to meet ya!

Aaron Budoff

Aaron Budoff – UMJCy Committee Member (Midwest)

Hey there, I’m Aaron Budoff. I’ve lived in the Windy City (Chicago, IL) for 18 years. My home congregation is B’Nai Maccabim–my father, Barry Budoff was the Rabbi there for over 10 years. I am very into sports; I have played football for three years, ran track for four years, wrestled for two years, and currently am in boxing and looking to fight the golden gloves. As I get older, I plan on being a youth leader for congregations in need. I am planning on going to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I work a part time job at a sports park. Fun fact: I am a black Jew. I love to have to a good time so please feel free to contact me. 🙂


Rachel Saal – UMJCy Committee Member (Northeast)

Rachel is a senior at Hall High School in West Hartford, CT. She attends Shuvah Yisrael meetings in Avon, Connecticut. In addition to helping the youth at her synagogue, Rachel enjoys playing tennis, singing in her school’s choir, presiding over the business club, and hosting at Blue Plate Kitchen Restaurant. She loves serving on the UMJCy Board and cannot wait for the upcoming year!


Ezra Cohen – Incoming UMJCy Committee Member (West Coast)

What’s happenin’. I’m Ezra. 19 years old from Cali. I’m Italian/White and have been attending Tsemach Adonai since forever. In September I’m moving to The City (SF) for school to learn more about math, and general education…cause it’s important? I love surfing and the summer. Things strangers don’t know–I speak Spanish, my nickname is Ezi, and I’m going to open a barbershop called “Timely Cuts” when I get the money. I’m a rookie UMJCy member this year, so I really want to meet new people and have fun.


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